Lichen600x397The Owlet will produce up-to-date reviews of scientific research. We will survey trends in biology and identify how the latest data takes science research in new and unexpected directions. The scientific findings and their implications will be summarized and presented in a clear and understandable manner. Educators who are aware of the current state of scientific research will be better prepared to teach the next generation of scientists.

The reviews are designed to:
1. Make cutting edge research accessible to teachers
2. Revise and update scientific knowledge
3. Provide instructional materials and ideas for classroom use

Members can pose questions or comments below each of the reviews.

Potential topics to be explored:

  • The rise of the metazoans
  • Circadian cycle
  • Physiology of exercise
  • Obesity and energy balance
  • Cancer, smoking and other promoters of oncogenesis
  • Microbiome: HGP versus HMP

Fungi nutrient acquisition January 10, 2019Fungi have evolved many physiological and biochemical adaptations in order to use every kind of carbon source on the planet. ...
Fungi’s Cell Structure. December 2, 2018Fungi are eukaryotes and as such they share many cellular features with other eukaryotes. However, there are some unique features….
What do all fungi have in common? October 3, 2018In the soil beneath our feet there are underground ecosystems form by fungi that supports life on Earth….
Fungi’s evolution and diversity September 1, 2018What does the word fungus bring to mind? For many people moldy bread, athlete’s foot, or a delicious meal. The ...
Biosynthesis and inheritance of organelles during the cell cycle January 2, 2018Organelles are produced by two mechanisms….. and their inheritance is controlled by….
The Stomata: evolution and response to the changing environment October 9, 2017The evolution of the stomata is of utmost importance in the regulation of water in the atmosphere and the maintenance ...
The microbiome and us June 2, 2017Why should we care about our Microbiome? In recent years it has become obvious that microbes, bacteria, archaea, fungi, and ...
The many faces of Cell Death May 29, 2015Cell death is necessary during several normal cellular processes like patterning of the vertebrate digits, pruning neuronal connections, and clearing ...
Stem cell biology and regeneration September 17, 2014Scientists have recognized the power of stem cells when used for medicinal and scientific purposes. The fact that these cells ...
Understanding Ebola: pathology, transmission, and treatment. September 1, 2014The Ebola viral infection is characterized by immune suppression and wide systemic inflammatory response that can lead to …